Venita Moore brings an exciting R&B alternative to a tired music industry stuck in entertainment mediocrity. Born Venita Thompson, Ms. Moore was adopted and moved to East St. Louis Illinois, where she would begin to develop her musical skill and become Venita Garrett taking on her adopted surname. At age eight, Venita was singing in her church choir and by the time she was 12, she was leading it.

A short time later, Venita had her first live stage performance and knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that music and performing were more than her passion…this, was her calling. But, just when things seemed to be lining up perfectly for Venita to begin her journey, life threw hardship in her path with the passing of her adoptive mother, Gloria Garrett-Shurn; her birth father, Vincent Thompson and her twin brother, Vincent Garrett.

These tragic losses would not break her spirit nor deter her from her calling. Ms. Moore continued honing her craft, in private, turning her angelic voice into the powerhouse R&B superstar sound you hear today.

It was not until after she graduated college, with a Business Management/ Administration degree, that Venita would be able to give her music the time and attention it needed. Nothing would hold this future mega-star back…Venita Moore was born!

After years of talent shows and singing songs written by other people, Venita wrote and recorded her first single, “Sick and Tired.” Touring appearances with popular local and major label artists followed its release, but “Sick and Tired” was just the beginning.

Venita has gone on to write even more hot singles ready for music fans everywhere. Flavored with her own unique soulful stylings that include her musical influences, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah and other iconic hit makers, Venita’s talent shines bright amid a vast ocean of stars.

Currently, Ms. Moore is working on her latest project with new management, a new marketing and PR team, new writing collaborations and an upcoming promotional tour.